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Besson Besson Prestige Euphonium Besson Besson Prestige Euphonium Besson Besson Prestige Euphonium
Besson Besson Prestige Euphonium Besson Besson Prestige Euphonium Besson Besson Prestige Euphonium

Besson Prestige Euphonium

$ 18,776.79 $ 10,707.75

BE2051 and BE2052 series euphoniums

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Article number: BE2051-1G-0
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The Besson Prestige Euphonium

  • .580" bore
  • 11" or 12" bell
  • compensating system
  • 4 bottom sprung stainless steel valves
  • three water keys
  • gold plated accents
  • onyx style contoured valve buttons
  • main tuning slide trigger with plexiglass guard
  • case and accessories included
  • influenced by Besson Performing Artist Steven Mead
  • Available in clear lacquer, silver plate, or gold lacquer finishes

The Prestige 2051 and 2052 euphoniums feature the main tuning slide trigger system and unique lead pipe design and are the instruments of choice for many of the world’s professional soloists and band players alike. With the creation of the Prestige models, the combination of the redesigned valve group assembly, the new lead pipe, and the adjustable main tuning slide trigger means that the tuning is now totally controllable, giving the musician everything they need to play with perfect intonation in any circumstance, be it with piano, brass, wind band, or orchestra.

The sheer number of tonal possibilities is immense with you the performer always in control. The 2051 with its slightly smaller bell produces a beautiful sound that takes a little less air to fill, and its compact sound has won it many devotees. The bell size is the only difference between the 2051 and 2052 but at Besson we like to offer the performer choice, so you can find the Prestige euphonium that is just perfect for you. The powerful pedal tones and centered yet clear high tones mark the extremes of this remarkable instrument’s capabilities, yet it is the range of expressive tone in the medium register which is perhaps its most endearing characteristic.

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