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Best Brass Best Brass French Horn Jr. Warm-up Mute
Best Brass Best Brass French Horn Jr. Warm-up Mute

Best Brass French Horn Jr. Warm-up Mute

$ 85.00

Best Brass Horn Warm-up Jr. Mute

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Article number: BBHNJR

The Best Brass Warm-up Jr. Mute is a smaller version of the original.

From the manufacturer:

Many of us feel nervous before a concert. For a performance to succeed, not only is careful preparation required but also a careful warm-up. And many professionals will most likely agree: “The more advanced the player, the more careful the warm-up.

“An item which transforms the nervousness into a feeling of confidence.” This was the concept behind the development of the new Sound Transformer “Warm-up.” It features good intonation and quietness in a tiny size, and immediately gained the favor of professional brass musicians. After a few years, the Warm-up earned a worldwide reputation for high quality and helped not only professionals but amateurs alike. And now, you can try it too.

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