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Sonaré Powell Sonare PS-905 Flute Sonaré Powell Sonare PS-905 Flute
Sonaré Powell Sonare PS-905 Flute Sonaré Powell Sonare PS-905 Flute

Powell Sonare PS-905 Flute

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Powell Sonare PS-905 Flute

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Verne Powell developed the Ardeleve flute around 1951 by placing a Powell headjoint on a flute made in France. The Powell® Sonaré® model is based on this concept and was established in 2002. Every Powell Sonaré flute features a hand-cut headjoint and body made at the Boston area shop. Powell Sonaré models are available in a range of levels, all of which allow the player to perform with the renowned, professional Powell Sound virtuosity at a step-up flute price.The Sonaré C flute retains some of the design features from the Signature flute that are critical for acoustical quality. Sonaré C flutes feature bodies made using patented Zinki technology (U.S. patent #7,420,109) and handmade Powell Signature® headjoints. Both the body and headjoint are made at the Massachusetts workshop.

The new 905 model is the first Powell Sonaré flute to offer a professional mechanism, hand-finished at the Powell factory in Maynard, Massachusetts. This drawn tone hole flute has a Sterling Silver Body and Headjoint, and features an elegant Aurumite 9K crown, lip plate, and barrel. The Nickel Silver mechanism is silver-plated and is offered with French open holes, pointed arms, 10K White Gold springs, and Straubinger Phoenix Pads. Additional options include your choice of B or C footjoint, in-line or offset G keys, C# trill or Split-E (offset models only).

Every Sonaré model includes an elegant French style case, nylon case cover, swab stick, gauze swab and polishing cloth.


The Powell Sonaré 905 Model features include:

  • Hand-cut Sterling Silver Signature II headjoint with 9K Aurumite lip plate & crown
  • Sterling Silver body tube 
  • Silver Plated Key Mechanism
  • French pointed arms
  • 10K White Gold Springs
  • Available with Offset or In-line G Keys
  • Available with B or C foot joints
  • Available with a Split E option (Offset flutes only)
  • Available with C# Trill (Offset and low B foot flutes only)
  • Custom headjoint options also available (K and KT styles)


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