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King Used King/H.N. White Silvertone Bb Trumpet - 1175XX
King Used King/H.N. White Silvertone Bb Trumpet - 1175XX

Used King/H.N. White Silvertone Bb Trumpet - 1175XX

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Used King/H.N. White Silvertone Bb Trumpet - 1175XX


  • Manufactured: Late 1920's, Cleveland, OH
  • Bell: 4.5" sterling silver
  • Bore: 0.458" 
  • Case: Original included
  • Mouthpiece: Details coming soon


Another piece of trumpet history on our shelves. How exciting! This vintage H.N. White/King Silvertone Bb Trumpet is absolutely gorgeous. It's got a sterling silver bell with a stunning engraving, and the rest of the trumpet is in raw brass that has a slightly darkened patina that really pops against the bright sterling silver. And its sound is truly unique. The combination of metals in this trumpet make it super interesting to play and listen to. The sterling silver bell gives it some bright and responsive tendencies, but the yellow brass slides with an unlacquered finish really darken and round out the sound. The sound can carry over a section when the trumpet is pushed enough, but can sneak back into a section and blend immediately when you back off of it. 


Our professional brass tech spent a lot of time with the horn. Some components looked untouched, and others looked very heavily used. The valves are all showing a bright copper plate, which leads us to believe that we are seeing additional plating put onto this horn after it saw some heavy use. It does not look like it is silver plating that has worn off. Everything is sealing nicely and the valves move smoothly and easily, so we are confident in the valve section and can provide additional information to interested parties. Its main tuning slide needed the most work. Some of the inner slides were starting to split and crack at the very ends so they cut off the compromised sections and refit the intact portions, and reinstalled them onto the tuning slide crook. And now, its as if the damage was never there! A dent was also removed from the bell's crook, and the horn was fully disassembled and cleaned. Once all that work was completed and the horn was playtested, it was given our stamp of approval and put up for sale. 


You may never see another trumpet like this, so hurry over to check it out! Call or text us with any questions!


(Photos coming soon)

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