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New Instruments


All new instruments we sell come with a full manufacturer's warranty. These warranties vary by manufacturer, but generally cover defects that occur after the purchase for a certain number of years (typically between 1 and 10). 


In our experience, Manufacturer Warranty claims are relatively rare, as we deal with reputable, respected, well-known manufacturers. Our expert professional repair technicians inspect each and every new instrument we receive before we offer it for sale. In the unusual scenario where we receive an imperfect instrument directly from a manufacturer, we reject it so it is never available for sale through our store. 


We only offer the best of the best for sale at our shop, but in the unlikely event there is a defect that appears after purchase, we are the liaison between you and the manufacturer, and we can and will do whatever is required to remedy the situation to your complete satisfaction.


Used and Vintage Instruments


We sell a large quantity of used and vintage instruments. While we do have an expert in-house repair shop (Fix This! Musical Instrument Repair), the used and vintage instruments that we sell are just that: USED


We sell used instruments on consignment, and every instrument we sell is in proper functioning condition. In order for a used or vintage instrument to be sold through our shop, we require that it be cleaned, prepped, fixed up, and readied as necessary for sale before we are willing to offer it for sale on our website or in our store. 


Our used instruments have been repaired in our shop and carry our standard 90-day repair warranty, but they have not been refurbished to the point of new. They may or may not have cosmetic blemishes, minor dents, or evidence of previous damage repair, as long as they play properly.


Please understand that used (and especially vintage!) instruments are not perfect. They have previously been played, handled, marched with, swabbed, loved, carried around, gigged with, repaired, sat on, stored, and more. They will almost certainly have defects, and are priced accordingly.


If you are looking for a perfect, brand new-looking instrument, please DO NOT buy used! Bite the bullet and spend the extra money for a brand new instrument with a full manufacturers' warranty. However, if you are looking for a well made, durable instrument that has lots of life left in it, you want to save some money over new, or you found the perfect horn you pined for in your youth but couldn't afford then and it's no longer in production now, then have we got the horn for you!


We like to equate musical instruments with cars, since most people understand car analogies; if you buy a car from a used car dealership, you can expect to need to replace some things sooner than if you bought a new car. If you buy a 2008 Honda Civic, you can expect to pay a lot less than a brand new Honda Civic, but you know that you will need to plan on replacing tires, the transmission, the brakes, the fuel pump, etc. If you don't want to replace those parts in the next few years, buy new instead of used - it's just that simple.



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