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Altieri Altieri (formerly Valentino) Flute Wand
Altieri Altieri (formerly Valentino) Flute Wand

Altieri (formerly Valentino) Flute Wand

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Altieri (formerly Valentino) Flute and Piccolo Wands are the most effective way to swab the inside of an instrument to remove moisture. The design of the Wand helps clean the entire bore including the important (but often ignored) cork plate.

Your Wand is made with a fabric absorbent area which is mounted to a plastic rod. There is no area or material which may scratch the vital bore of your instrument.

The Altieri Flute Wand is a one piece unit which is long enough to swab either the body, foot, or headjoint when disassembled.

The Wand fits conveniently in the flute case cover. Ideally, store the wetted Wand in an outside pocket in the case cover. This allows the moisture to evaporate without effecting the instrument. 

Cleaning: Altieri Flute and Piccolo Wands should be hand washed in gentle liquid dishwashing detergent and lukewarm water. Washing the fabric of the Wand helps activate the absorbency of the fabric - even on a new Wand. When soaking, make sure that the suds permeate the fabric, then rinse and air dry. Your Wand will be most absorbent when it is clean.

Sold individually in your choice of color. 

*Please note
Due to the recent rebranding of Valentino accessory products to Altieri, some products may still be branded as Valentino until they are sold thru. The products are exactly the same, it's simply the name on the packaging that may be different!


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