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Blessing Blessing Cornet Mouthpieces Blessing Blessing Cornet Mouthpieces
Blessing Blessing Cornet Mouthpieces Blessing Blessing Cornet Mouthpieces

Blessing Cornet Mouthpieces

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Article number: MPC7CCR
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E.K. Blessing mouthpieces for brass instruments offer a great value. Made in Germany and CNC -machined out of the highest quality yellow brass, our mouthpieces are manufactured according to the strictest quality guidelines. Blessing provides a comfortable and economic mouthpiece option that allows a student to grow and develop.


Their selection of sizes allows for the development of a characteristic tone to meet the varied demands of the student musician including band, orchestra, pep band, marching band, jazz band, etc. Durable, dependable, reliable, Blessing mouthpieces are a solid choice for any brass student as they start their path on a lifetime of musical enjoyment.


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MPC105CCR 10½ C Cornet Medium 15.90 mm Medium wide VB 10 1/2C US long shank
MPC7CCR 7C Cornet Medium 16.20 mm Medium wide VB 7C US long shank
MPC5CCR 5C Cornet Medium 16.25 mm Medium wide VB 5C US long shank
MPC5BCR 5B Cornet Medium deep 16.25 mm Medium wide VB 5B US long shank
MPC3CCR 3C Cornet Medium 16.30 mm Medium wide VB 3C US long shank
MPC4BCR 4B Cornet Deep 16.50 mm Medium wide DW 4B British short shank

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