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Griego Griego Artist Trombone Mouthpieces
Griego Griego Artist Trombone Mouthpieces

Griego Artist Trombone Mouthpieces

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From Griego: 


Steve Weist: 

The Steve Wiest Model is a true lead mouthpiece that allows you to play in the upper register while making it feel like you are playing in the middle register. Need to let the trumpet players know what's up? This is your weapon of choice.

Built for the master Steve Wiest. Now available to the world. Choose your path wisely...


Artist 55: 

The Artist Model 55 is the result of learning from musicians that I work with on a daily basis. Wanting a mouthpiece that has stability and control through all registers with unbelievable clarity on the front of the note was the goal.

I paid special attention to the engagement of the shank and back bore volume during the design phase. The result is a very stable mouthpiece that provides a nice resonance and a bit of cushion (compression-wise) to push against to keep one from fatigue. The sound is deep and resonant while still having a nice blossom of color.


Gerry Pagano 6: 

The GP6 was created for those old-school fans of the 60 that like a thinner rim and wider cup diameter. If you like the GP but desire a larger bottom and more room for your face in the cup, this is probably the mouthpiece for you.

How does it differ from a 60? The rim shape on the inner bite is the same as the GP, as is the overall cup depth and shape. The throat is also the same size as on the GP. As with the GP, the upper register is clean, clear and very trombone-like. The lower register still pops and maintains a good resonant sound that the GP is known for. The GP6 may be the solution you're looking for or another step towards the mouthpiece straight jacket.

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