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Jewel Jewel Trumpet Swab (Silk)
Jewel Jewel Trumpet Swab (Silk)

Jewel Trumpet Swab (Silk)

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This unique swab by Jewel is designed to be pulled through sections of the instrument. After removing the valves, drop the long chain attached to the swab through the lead pipe, the swab can be pulled through the instrument and out the valve. Repeat with each slide crook. This swab can be used in conjunction with a brush to swab out residue the brush leaves behind.


Jewel Silk Swabs are made from 100% china silk. As a swab material silk is a superior choice. Silk is very absorbent, lint-free and compresses very easily reducing the possibility of jamming. Jewel swabs pull easily through leaving no damp bar or cloth stored inside which can cause pads to deteriorate and tarnish the finish. When you pull a Jewel Swab through the instrument, you can feel the draw of the swab along the inside bore as it cleans and soaks up moisture. Best of all, Jewel swabs are affordably priced and come in a variety of colors, Black, Bright Blue, and colorful Tie-Dye.


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