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Schilke Schilke Large Shank Trombone Mouthpieces (Silver plated)
Schilke Schilke Large Shank Trombone Mouthpieces (Silver plated)

Schilke Large Shank Trombone Mouthpieces (Silver plated)

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For more than a generation, Schilke trombone mouthpiece models have been accepted as the top choice for the serious trombone or euphonium player. These classic models feature comfortable rim profiles and unique cup shapes.


50 25.4 1 17/64 (.2656") Particularly adapted to the medium and large-bore tenor trombones. The Schilke standard options make this a fine all- around mouthpiece.
51 25.63 1.01 J (.277") A large bowl shaped cup producing a rich tone quality. Ideally suited for large bore tenor and orchestral performers.
51C4 25.63 1.01 J (.277") Similar to the #51 with a slightly shallower cup and semi-flat #4 rim.
51D 25.55 1.005 J (.277") One of our most popular, this mouthpiece offers a very large "D" cup and is excellent for the strong player. It is particularly suited for the Euphonium, producing a full dark tone.
52 25.78 1.015 17/64 (.2656") Slightly larger diameter than the 51, this mouthpiece produces a slightly broader sound.
52D 25.78 1.015 1/4 (.250") Like the 51D, the large “D” cup makes this mouthpiece ideal for symphonic trombone playing. Also a good choice for the Euphonium player requiring a larger diameter than the 51D.
53 26.24 1.033 15/64 (.2344") This combination of large cup diameter and bowl shape is widely favored by those who desire a rich full sound.


57 26.52 1.044 17/64 (.2656") This model is an excellent choice For those who play tenor and bass trombone.
58 27.68 1.09 19/64 (.2969") A highly recommended mouthpiece for those who double on tenor and bass, and the full-time bass trombonist, combining both good intonation with great lower and upper registers.
59 28.52 1.123 19/64 (.2969") An outstanding mouthpiece for the full-time bass trombonist, combining great intonation with excellent lower and upper registers.
60 29.03 1.143 5/16 (.3125") Our largest bass mouthpiece offering a full body of sound for the experienced player.


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